"Ditty's Picks - Top of the Market"
Alpha List by Vendor

(Check vendor profile for seasonal availability)

Vendor Produce
Atallah Specialty cukes; endive
Bates and Schmitt Heirloom apples; Apple cider syrup; apple balsamic vinegar
Betty's Berries Boysenberries
Bruins Hot house tomatoes
Bulk Farms (aka Oakdale Cheese) Quark
Eatwell Green garlic; garlic bulbils; heirloom tomatoes; lavender; sunflowers; winter greens
Fan Tan (aka Dirty Girl) Pearl onions; green onions
Farmer's Wife Fava beans
G & S Sweet white corn
Genuine Exotic Melons Dry-farmed melons and dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes
Garden Project Baby arugula
Gold Bud Seckel pears; concord grapes; quince
Harry's Berries (aka Iwamoto & Gean) Strawberries; Blue Lake beans
Gingrass Family Sausage Lamb pastrimi; pancetta
High Standard Farm Limestone Lettuce; baby artichokes
Hoffman Gamebird Quail; fresh & smoked chicken
Honey Crisp Peaches; clementines; Meyer lemons
Hunter Orchards Rocambole garlic
Iacopi English peas
Knoll Organic Farms Figs
Mariquita Farm Herbs, especially chervil!
Nakashima Kotobuki sweet potato
Petaluma Farms Pullet eggs
Sciabica Olive Oil Manzanillo Fall Harvest; Genovese basil (occasional)
Short Night Cipolini onions
Small Potatoes Inca Gold
Stenzel Kiwi Farm Kiwi
Stony Farms Carrots; radishes; strawberries
Tierra Vegetables Chili peppers (fresh; dried); chipotles; sweet peppers; portabella mushrooms; basil bouquets (4 varities of basil)
Twin Girls Blood oranges
Van Mourik Nut Farm Raw walnuts; roasted and salted almonds
Warm Springs Ranch Charentais melons
Zuckerman Farms Asparagus


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