Profiles of  Farmers and Vendors
(Many are seasonal)
(Many profiles updated on September 25, 2000)
Fruits and Berries
Bates & Schmitt - unusual apples
BellaViva Orchards - fresh & dried fruit
Betty's Berries - blackberries; boysenberries
Country Essences - strawberries; raspberries
Exotic Genuine Melons - melons
Fitzgerald's - stone fruit
Flying Disc Ranch  - dates
Frog Hollow Farm - stone fruit and Asian pears
Goff's Fine Fruits - pears
Goldbud Farms - stone fruit, pears and apples
Green Valley Farm - blueberries and berry jams
Guacamole Farm - avocado; tropical fruit; macadamias
Hamada - stone fruit, citrus and raisins
Honey Crisp Farm - stone fruit and citrus
Iwamoto & Gean Farm - strawberries
Knoll Organic Farm - figs
Lagier Ranches - cherries, berries and citrus
Paoletti Farms - cherries and chestnuts new.gif (957 bytes)
Stenzel's Kiwis - kiwis
Stony Farms - wild berries
Twin Girls Farms - citrus and stone fruit
Warm Springs Farm - Charentais melons
Vegetables & General Produce
Atallah's - early tomatoes and peppers; endive, cukes
Bruins Farms - hot house tomatoes only
Dirty Girl Produce - general produce
Eatwell Farm - everything under the sun
Exotic Melons - dry-farmed tomatoes, corn, melons
Farmer's Wife Produce - cool-weather veggies
G & S Farms - sweet white corn
Happy Quail Farms - peppers, cukes, eggplant
Holler Pepper Company - asparagus, potatoes
Iacopi - peas and beans mostly
Knoll Organic Farm - selected produce items
Lucero Organic Farms - berries, tomatoes, peppers, etc.
Small Potatoes - specialty potatoes
Spring Hill Potatoes - potatoes and onions
Star Route Farms - greens, herbs, edible flowers, leeks, etc. new.gif (957 bytes)
Stony Farms - general produce
Tierra Vegetables - chiles; peppers; portabellas
Warm Springs Farm - squash, peppers, melons, etc.
White Rabbit Farm - tomatoes, sweet peppers . etc.
Salad Specialists
Dirty Girl Produce - head lettuce; salad mix

Mariquita Farms - hard-to-find herbs new.gif (957 bytes)
White Rabbit Farm - over 25 varieties of living plants

Country Essences - flowers galore
Warm Springs Farm - country-garden style

Oakdale Cheese & Specialties - gouda; quark
Straus Family Creamery - Monterey Jack and cheddar

Bates & Schmitt - jams, jellies, chutney, cider
Brooks and Daughters - organic sprouts
Cache Creek Farm - raw almonds and walnuts
Critical Edge - knife sharpening
Flatland Flower Farm - unusual cottage plants
Flying Disc Ranch - dates
Hazeldell Mushrooms -exotic mushrooms
Holler Pepper Company - pickled garlic and asparagus
Hoffman Gamebirds - poultry
Hunter Orchards - rocambole garlic
Hog Island Oyster Co. - oysters, mussels, clams UPDATED
Marshall's Farm - honey from San Francisco's microclimates
Nakashima Farms - sweet potatoes
Petaluma Farms - eggs
Phipps Farm - dried heirloom beans
Sciabica & Sons - olive oil
Spring Hill Potatoes - piping hot fries and potato chips
Straus Family Creamery - organic milk; diary products
Tierra Vegetables - dried chiles and chipotles
Van Mourik Nut Farm - fresh almond and walnuts
Warm Springs Farm - roasted peppers; gourds

Current Crops:
To find out what's currently ripe, check in on written by Sybil Conn.  You'll find a  weekly listing of the produce available (by vendor) and their prices.  This website also provides updated information on the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market 's weekly "Shop with the Chef" series -- an easy way to keep track of  the Bay Area's chefs, who give a 30-minute demonstration of cooking with seasonal produce.

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