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60-Year Delta History
In the 1930's, Roscoe Zuckerman (Sr.) was sent up north from Los Angeles by his family to scout out farming opportunities in the Bay Area. On that trip, he discovered that the Delta area, about 10 miles east of Stockton, had ideal weather and soil for growing asparagus. He decided to stay and set up a pioneer farm on McDonald Island. Today, Roscoe (Jr.) and his brother Eddie carry on their grandfather's 60-year old family farming tradition in the Delta. Their farm encompasses 4,500 acres, which is about half the acreage on McDonald Island and they have expanded the range of produce they grow. While the Zuckerman still specialize in growing asparagus (about 1,000 tons per year) and potatoes (about 3,000 tons per year), they have diversified into growing sod that is sold to nurseries and landscapers throughout the Bay Area and growing assorted other produce that they sell to commercial packers.

The Pickled Era Begins
Until recently, the Zuckermans were selling some of their fresh produce to the Holler Pepper Company, an pickling operation that was totally independent from the Zuckerman's farming operations. When the opportunity arose to buy the company 3 years ago and to integrate it into the Zuckerman growing operations, Roscoe jumped at it. Now his brother Eddie concentrates on the growing and marketing of their fresh produce worldwide and Roscoe concentrates on making and marketing a line of pickled asparagus, garlic, olives and wax peppers under the Holler Pepper Company label. His objective is to deliver these gourmet products directly to consumers, but not at gourmet prices and it seems that he has achieved his goal:

Pickled wax peppers

   $1.75 12 oz. jar

Crunchy Pickled Asparagus Spears  

    $4.50 12 oz. jar

Crunchy Pickled Asparagus Tip n' Pieces        $3.00 12 oz. jar

Roscoe's main purpose at the Saturday S.F. Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market is to promote his pickled products. With missionary zeal, he offers ample tastings pickled garlic and asparagus to entice customers to try his unique, high-quality products. If you miss him at the Market, you can find his pickled products at Safeway, Lucky, Cala Foods and at other large supermarkets throughout the Bay Area.

From February to mid-May, you'll also find Roscoe at the Market selling bunches of very fresh Zukerman asparagus. Starting in June, he begins to offer their equally renown potatoes ( mainly Red Chieftains, White Rose, Yellow Finns). The Zukermans have a test plot where they're experimenting with growing other varieties of potatoes and will have a few new ones to sell at the Market this season. The prices for his fresh asparagus and potatoes are unbeatable! Check them out!

Hitting the Highlights
In addition to participating in about 11 farmers' markets around the Bay Area, the Zuckerman's also ship their fresh produce world wide and sell beets and parsley to commercial processors -- V-8 juice and chives to spice packers to name just a few.

June 1996

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