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Spring Hill Potatoes
Petaluma, CA  95452
Telephone:  (707) 762-3446


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Larry Peter, San Francisco's most affable and most renowned potato grower, has started a new line of business this spring.  In a newly purchased, spanking white truck which is fully equipped with 4 frying baskets, Larry is making fresh French fries and chips at the San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market and serving them up hot from the fryer at $3.00 a basket..  The truck is hard to miss at the north end of the new Market, along the Embarcadero.  But in case you can't find it, just follow the devilishly tempting smell of frying potatoes wafting from that end of the Market.  The line could be 4 -5 people long, but there is virtually no wait because the fries and chips keep coming. THEY'RE FABULOUS!

Actually, Larry's relatives tend the frying baskets, while Larry still tends his table at the other end of the Market selling fresh potatoes.  But he's constantly running back and forth to the north end to sweep up a basket of hot fries to bring down to the other end.  Even Larry can't resist!

In April, they're using Larry's home-grown unpeeled russet potatoes and will move into other varieties as the season progresses.  Larry has been experimenting with fried carrot slices and plans to introduce them soon.  He tells me that he is also thinking about introducing a steamed (healthy) version of his potatoes and carrots and "maybe phasing down the fried section".  You can cast your vote on Larry's plans by sending an email to

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Potatoes are hand cut into fries.
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Customers add salt & ketchup.
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Chips are cut on a French mandolin.

April 1998

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