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Flatland Flower Farm
1126 Blake Street
Berkeley, CA
Telephone:  (510) 843-7523

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How Sweet It Is
The husband and wife team of Dan Lehrer and Joanne Krueger started their Flatland Flower Farm business on a "sweet" note. They had been working at the Berkeley Farmers' Market selling other farmer's produce when one Saturday, they harvested some sweet peas in their own backyard and brought them to the Berkeley Market in mason jars to sell. When they sold out in a hour, they realized they were on to something good and decided to start their own plant business selling primarily at farmers' markets. From there, the Flatland Flower Farm developed as a backyard business and it's now in its third year. You'll find Flatland Flower Farm at the San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market in the spring and summer months and at the Berkeley Farmers' Market year round. Dan admits that they have expanded a bit beyond the space of their backyard on Blake Street in Berkeley and now have expanded onto some additional land in the area.

Romantic Specialties
Dan and Joanne specialize in growing unusual cottage garden plants and heirloom roses. You'll find such treasures as a wonderfully fragrant tiny Italian Narcissus (which grows wild in the hills of Tuscany), 10 varieties of heirloom sweet peas (including one that dates back to 1696), de Candolle (a rare Moss rose), as well as cosmos, nasturtium, foxglove and much, much more. They only way to appreciate what they have to offer is to drop by their stand at the south end of the Market to take a close look. Most of the plants are grown from seeds collected from the previous year or from heirloom seed purveyors around the world. Roses are all from their own propagation, organically grown from their own cuttings or from cuttings they've picked up along the way.

All Organic - - Thanks to Sophia and Her Colleagues
Dan stressed that all of their plants are grown organically and he gives all the credit to Sophia, Pepper and 3 other bantam chickens that run free on the farm, eating snails, slugs earwigs, pill bugs and other unmentionables.


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Tuscan narcissus

Small containers

$2.50 each/3 for $6.00

1 gallon

$7.50 (1 gallon heirloom roses are $12.00)

5 gallon

$24.00 (mainly heirloom roses)

May 1998

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