Who's Ditty

I grew up in North Andover, a very small town in northeastern Massachusetts and became the "special-events cook" in our family (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) even before I turned 10. From there, I developed an interest in food and cooking, though my professional career never went in that direction. My undergraduate major was Russian with a minor in Chinese and I went on to get a graduate degree in Chinese in 1968. In 1970, I moved to San Francisco, my husband Bart's home town, and worked in international banking until the U.S. and China established diplomatic relations in 1979. I then joined the ranks of the "China traders".

Today, I'm a consultant with a small company based in South San Francisco helping companies establish large-scale joint venture factories in China. My work takes me to China many times a year, but cooking is my real passion. In February 1996, I started a recipes website called Ditty's Sunday Supper. As a companion to that website, Bart suggested I start this one on vendors at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. I now barely have time to squeeze in a game of squash, my other passion!

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